3WIREL – Team Member Page

Hello everyone.

This will be a short piece but I want to make clear the team that runs this site.

Motwera: Owner and Founder of 3WIREL & Crashy News. He works hard in making sure the site runs well and has little to no back-end issues.

Robert Kellett (aka RK128): I am the main writer of the site and focus on writing gaming news. But I have written a number of articles and reviews over the past few months.

Hero of Legend (aka GoldMetalSonic): Manager of our Podcast Team to ensure any podcasts done in the name of the site are recorded and released. He deals with the recording of audio, setting up times when we do the podcasts and is a commentator during any discussion held on the podcast.

Verzu Chase: New Writer on the site starting his official role with the Final Fantasy XV review. He will continue writing reviews and in the future, gaming news, on 3WIREL.

I hope this explains the team currently working at 3WIREL and that you all have a great day.

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