For the last few weeks to build up hype for both games the official Sonic youtube channel has uploaded pieces of music listen to them

Sonic Mania


Sonic Forces



Ya know besides everything.

That’s right guys it’s not a joke this is really happening and I’m just baffled as everybody else. Out of all the franchises to make a comeback this was the one I never expected to return and I didn’t expect Accolade to rise from the dead either. But here we are it just goes to show you that anything is possible keep dreaming. Also memes were a mistake.

It’s been rumored for months now that Ubisoft is developing a Mario and Rabbids RPG crossover. This sounds like one of the most strangest collaborations out there but for a while we haven’t heard much about it until this past week.  Emily Rogers has been posting some new info about the game on her website.


Question: Wait, are the rumors about a Rabbids x Mario crossover actually true?

As I wrote in a previous blog post, the official title is “Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle”. The aesthetics and art style remind me a tiny bit of Super Mario 3D World. It has colorful graphics, and it has humor that you wouldn’t typically see in a traditional Mario game.

Here’s why I’m expecting this game to be good.

  1. Ubisoft wants Mario + Rabbids to grow into a successful franchise. But it can’t become a respectable franchise unless Kingdom Battle is well-received by both critics and fans.
  2. The reputation of the Mario brand is also at stake. Nintendo won’t let just any company develop and publish games based around Mario unless they’re confident in the team and the concept. Remember, this is the same Nintendo who rejected Vicarious Vision’s proposals to add Princess Peach, Kirby, and Star Fox in Skylanders.

Here’s my theory on why this Mario + Rabbids game even exists.

With casual gamers abandoning consoles for mobile devices, Ubisoft was quickly running out of ways to keep the Rabbids brand relevant. Rabbids hasn’t been a relevant brand since the Wii and DS years (2006 – 2012).

Also, keep in mind that Rabbid games have declined in quality since 2009’s Rabbids Go Home (78 on Metacritic) and 2006’s Rayman Raving Rabbids (76 on Metacritic). For example, Rabbids Land received mixed reviews on Wii U (52 on Metacritic). Rabbids Travel in Time also received mixed reviews on the Nintendo 3DS (55 on Metacritic).

How do you re-energize a brand that is slowly fading away into irrelevance? By attaching the Rabbids brand to an even stronger brand: Super Mario.

If you glance over at Nintendo’s history, they worked on a crossover franchise with Sega called Mario & Sonic at the Olympics. Sega is the publisher of that series. Nintendo has also worked on a crossover game with Atlus called Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. So it was only a matter of time until Nintendo collaborated with Ubisoft, one of their most loyal partners, on a crossover game.


Question: Were you joking on Twitter when you said Princess Peach has a gun in the heavily rumored Rabbids game?

They’re not realistic guns, they don’t shoot bullets. They are sci-fi cartoonish guns that shoot lasers, energy beams, and things of that nature. Characters can even have arm cannons ala Mega Man/Metroid. The game isn’t trying to be edgy like Shadow the Hedgehog. It’s meant to be super wacky in a cartoonish Looney-Tunes sort of way.

As I mentioned yesterday, the art style and aesthetics are similar to Super Mario 3D World but more detailed.


Question: Is there anything new that you can tell us about the Mario x Rabbids crossover?

The playable characters in “Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle” don’t look anything like the plastic figures in the picture below.


Question: Can you give us more info on the Rabbids game?

I’ll throw you guys one LAST bone.

“Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle” has eight playable characters — including Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi — and they each have their own sci-fi weapons, laser guns, arm cannons, etc. But you don’t control the characters — you control Tuttorio, a small floating dish, to guide them through the worlds. There is also co-op multiplayer.

At first when I heard about the idea of these two franchises crossing over I thought it was a terrible idea since I’ve grown tired of the Rabbids and didn’t want to see them anywhere near Mario & co. Now all the information that we’ve gotten has caught my attention and I actually want to see more of this game. It’s so crazy and wacky that it just seems like kinda thing the Mario series needs along with Odyssey after playing it safe for the last few years.

Plus does this idea really seem too out there? May I remind you that one of the most popular RPG franchises is a crossover with Disney and Square Enix characters. Or how about the fact that one of the most anticipated games of the year is a fighting game with Marvel and Capcom characters. It just seems like anything is possible. Oh well E3 is around the corner and I’m positive that we’ll be seeing this at Nintendo’s presentation.


Link to Emily’s site:

I uh don’t know what to make of this to be honest. With what’s coming out this year all the signs seem to have been pointing that the 3DS was on it’s last legs but this just came out of nowhere.



On May 12th the dub for the Sun & Moon anime comes to Disney XD. I find it a bit strange that it’s coming out this late even tho the games have been out since November. Normally they would release the show around the same time as the games release. Better late than never I suppose. I strongly recommend checking this series out it’s pretty good.


The remake to the SEGA Master system game released today and in order to celebrate it DotEmu released this awesome new trailer

I always already looking forward to this game but man this new trailer makes me want it now.

It’s been a while since we’ve had one was back in January which focused on all the Fire Emblem stuff. Like the tweet above said this one is focusing on 3DS and Switch games with focus mainly on Splatoon 2 and ARMS, two games I’m really looking forward to. Are you looking to the direct and what are you hoping that they’ll show off?

It stinks

So this isn’t meant to be a full review or anything I just thought I’d sum up my thoughts on the critically panned Iron Fist show.

After having seen 3 episodes I can say that this show sucks. Not just by Marvel’s standards but just bad in general. Let me give you a run down of the show’s plot. 
Rich kid Danny Rand and his family were in a plane crash in Himalayas unfortunately Danny was the sole survivor and was probably going to die. Luckily, he was found by Monks and was trained in Martial arts to become the Iron Fist; destined to defeat their sworn enemy know as “The Hand”. You know, the bad guys that have appeared in Daredevil.


Not the deepest backstory out there and it sounds a bit overly ridiculous summarizing it. So years pass and his training his complete and goes back to NYC. He does this to help run his fathers company and reunite with his childhood friends Ward and Joy Meachum, who are coincidentally running the company. And here’s the problem with the show; he’s been presumed dead for 16 years and has no form of identification.

His hair is messed up, his clothes are dirty and worn out and isn’t wearing any shoes. He’s pretty much a hobo and it’s obvious that he did not think any of this stuff through. So pretty much the premise of the first two episodes is that Danny is trying to prove to the Meachums that he is the person that they once knew but the way he’s coming about makes any normal person believe that he’s crazy.

For starters, he breaks into his old home which Joy is coincidentally living there just to see what has changed. Another thing is that he hijacks Wards car (which he’s stated that he doesn’t know how to drive) and points a gun to his head to they can talk. Like what kind of sane person does that? He’s risking his and his supposed friends lives just for a simple conversation.




Even ignoring all of his crazy and unethical actions, Danny was able to prove to them that he was the person who he claims to be but they’re still in denial about. Which I can get but considering this is the same universe where aliens, the hulk, advanced artificial intelligence, gods & magic and the fact that New York is in danger for several times; at some point, you just need to acknowledge that things are possible. Especially considering the fact that their father died and came back to life by the help of The Hand.

Eventually they do come to terms that Danny is telling the truth, but they don’t want him to reveal himself because that would mean that he’s technically the owner of Rand Corp and it would ruin their plans. Which I understand because in a way they’re carrying out a task for a more powerful force even if Joy is unaware of the situation. 
So their plan was that Danny would sign a contract in which he would get $100 Million if he were to change his name and start a new life. My issue with this is that Joy’s excuse for this is that she wants Danny to move on with his life and stop trying to get involved with the company which is a stupid and idiotic thing to say.

This show is filled with stupid moments and it’s not like any of the characters are likable either. Ward’s just a massive jerk; there’s a flashback where he and the others were kids playing monopoly and he just throws the board on the floor, kicking Danny in the crouch just so he wouldn’t pay up. Colleen Wing (my favorite) who is pretty much the only ally Danny has at the moment has a student who participates in illegal fight clubs in order to help raise money to support his family. Wing disapproves of this because she believes it’s dangerous however later she goes and participates in the event because she needed money to pay rent. Which comes off hypocritical on her part.

Bottom line is that this show is not leaving a good first impression on me. To me it comes off as nothing but build up to “The Defenders” more than anything similar to how “Avengers: Age of Ultron” was pretty much set up to “Captain America: Civil War”. Which isn’t really a bad thing since that was what season 2 of Daredevil was doing was well but if feels like this show was an afterthought, just being made to establish that Iron Fist is a thing and he’s training to fight the hand who are going to be the main antagonist of that team up. From my understanding these first few episodes are considered to be where the show was good before it jumped the shark later on. That doesn’t fill me with much hope.

The remake to the SEGA Master system classic will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch with the PC version coming at a later date

This is coming out a lot sooner than I expected. Wonder Boy is one of my most anticipated games of the year solely because of the visuals and music alone. There’s a lot of love being put into this remastered and I’m definitely going to buy it as soon as I can. I mean just look at how great this game looks