Recovering from downtime for you

3WORLD! is getting everything that got missing back into this new domain 🙂 Moving from to! Ensuring the best experience, please bear with us on the changes and things that are being recovered or changed, also you can try the new Topics/Thoughts feature that replaces the forums with a visual editor for easiness! […]

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The surprise is going to be Delayed for another month due to not having the pre-prototype models and map of “M project” game prepared, also not all required concept arts are finished/ported to a digital/cleaner version. Sorry for this news people 🙁

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New 3WORLD! minecraft Screenshots!

Yep promised another ones 🙂 some updates: Also the Large tower will be the place for people who have no time to build a entire new house/shop/place from scratch , can build into these apartments 😛 on top of that i built some new places and there a chests place for many stuff needed 😀 and the […]

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