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3WIREL! has had a big year with tons of new additions in terms of content, structure and staff. We would like to wish you a Happy New Year as well as a successful 2017.

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Mega Man 8 was the first mainline Mega Man game and second Mega Man game overall to be released in CD format. This would become the biggest & most updated Mega Man game in the original series until 2006; featuring animated cutscenes, CD quality music, enhanced graphics and sprites, and HQ audio. Has the game held up after all these years? Let’s take a look.Continue reading

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Megaman X6 is the 6th numerical installment of the mainline X series, and the 7th chronologically (yes Xtreme 2 is somehow canon, no I don’t know how Capcom’s silly plot writers will explain it :D) and with it comes a deviation away from the fast-paced action setting of previous X games to a more exploration based type of game.

Megaman X6 was a game released not long after X5 as a unexplained ending and a dispute on who actually was in charge (answer: Capcom) of the series. It overall is not a very long game and makes up for that by adding a lot more exploration to pad out the gameplay. How does Megaman X6 hold up? Let’s dive in to the review!

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In 1995 we had seen First Person Shooters and action games from Blake Stone to PO’ed, titles that experimented or tried refining the genre. We wouldn’t see any real huge leaps in design until after 1996, however Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels on the 3DO is a game that stands out quite well from the other First Person Action games of the day.

Based on Warhammer 40k, SHV is an ambitious game. From commanding troops, to weapon variety, and a hint of survival horror, you have a product that attempts to bring in new life to the genre.

(A fellow blood angel)

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Criterion, the creators of Burnout, have announced that Burnout Paradise is now free on Games With Gold for a limited time on the Xbox 360. Games With Gold is a monthly program where XBL gold subscribers get free games every month on rotation.

But the excitement doesn’t end there, Burnout Paradise has been added to the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility list as well. Allowing you to buy it on the Xbox One store as well, or if you have a physical copy for the 360, you can play that on the Xbox One console as well!


According to the above leaked image, it seems that Capcom will punish players who rage quit in the middle of a match with an Icon following their profile. This is to let other players know that this person has rage quit before.  As well as additional penalties

““Penalties will be incurred for disconnecting during a match, including LP (League Points) reduction, and temporary matchmaking restrictions.””

However, there doesn’t seem to be an indicator to differentiate between rage quitting and disconnection by involuntary causes such as power, errors, connection, etc. Until that is implemented, is is my opinion that this system will likely cause frustration.



It’s been a long time since Surfing was considered a good marketing move for any video game publisher. the last semi-successful (if you can call it that) surfing game was Kelly Slaters Pro Surfer on the PS2. That was way back in 2002!

Surf World Series by Climax Studios, is an attempt to bring back the sub-genre to the fore front. Check out the below info, trailer and screen shots and see for yourself if you are ready for some surfing action:

Set across 5 of the world’s most iconic shorelines, from the infamous Bell’s Beach, AUS to the extreme waves at Waimea Bay, HI, you can dominate the leaderboard arcade style with 45 single player challenges, or rinse the competition in online tournaments against up to 15 other surfers.

Perform some of surfing’s most intense and original tricks, including the Superman and Sushi Roll, against a backdrop of stunning horizons, golden coastlines and surging waves. With 6 playable characters, and millions of ways to customise, create your own unique style and rise to notoriety using only your sick skills and slick looks.

Ride out the toughest waves or wreak havoc on the competition as you battle for the high score, on PC, Xbox One and PS4. In Surf World Series, ramp up the challenge surfing day or night across 3 different multiplayer modes designed to crank your skills to the limit.