Media gets lost often sadly, through either not being shown often enough or data outright being corrupted to prevent re-releasing it again. Television movies are nothing new and networks like Disney and Nickelodeon have created them for years. But one movie Nick released called Cry Baby Lane was only shown once before never being seen again.

While the television channel Nickelodeon is mainly known for their cartoons such as Spongebob, Jimmy Neutron, and Rugrats, they’ve also done their fair share of made for TV movies. One of them that mysteriously went missing was a horror film called Cry Baby Lane.

The YouTube channel TheGamerFromMars dives into the lore and mystery behind this lost Direct-To-TV film. I enjoyed learning about this movie and the end of the video has an answer as to what happened to the film today. Highly recommend you give this a watch if you want to learn a bit about lost media and a spooky film.

The name Butch Hartman might ring a few bells if you watched Nick over the years. From making a show about a young lad who has magical fairies that grant him wishes too letting the viewer explore a secret agent/spy show made up of talking animals, he has taken us on some really funny adventures. But what about when it’s time to get a bit more serious or have more action elements? The Fairly Odd Parents had moments where things get serious or action heavy but that wasn’t the main focus of the show.

A show having such a focus is unique, specifically for Nick which didn’t really have much action/superhero shows in the early 2000’s. Danny Phantom is Butch’s second television show on Nick and it lasted for three seasons. It follows the teenage boy of Danny who has the special ability to turn himself into a ghostly being. He uses this power to defend his home town from various spirits that cause havoc.

When it originally aired, it was a breath of fresh air for the network and really filled a hole that felt missing from it’s line-up of shows. But does the Phantom hold up in recent years? Or does it evaporate into a specter into the night? Lets grab our Fenton Thermos and try to catch some ghosts as we tackle the first season of this haunting show.

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Jack is slashing his way onto Adult Swim in a brand new season of the iconic Cartoon Network show Samurai Jack. This will be a bit more mature but will retain the heart of the original series. To get fans excited for the seasons launch this March, Adult Swim put out a new clip showing a mysterious figure fighting robots.

It’s a great looking action scene and shows how the art style heavily mirrors the one seen in the original show. We will report more on this (including reviews of episodes as they come out) as further information releases.

Nickelodeon is launching a new series called Bunsen is a Beast created by Butch Hartman, which is continuing the network’s efforts in creating new animated series that appeal to both new and older viewers. In one promotional effort to highlight the new Nicktoon, we see Danny Phantom encounter Butch’s other creations including Fairly Odd Parents and T.U.F.F. Puppy in addition to a new Nicktoon.

It’s a charming little short and I was personally really happy to see Danny Phantom back again. I grew up watching that alongside shows like Fairly Odd Parents, Spongebob and Avatar: The Last Airbender. So it’s great seeing older IP from Nick get some spotlight. This joins other efforts to revive older shows including the upcoming Hey Arnold and Rocko’s Modern Life hour specials releasing later this year.

SAO is a series many love and enjoy, but an equal amount loath & hate. It’s a divisive series for sure but ones I both enjoy and have issues with at the same time. I wrote lengthy reviews for Season One and Two last year on 3WIREL and had mixed thoughts on both of them, but noted the bright points each one offered. With any popular series, there will be an abridged series linked to it.

Abridged Series is something fans work together on to make a more comedic and self referential experience to something they respect and/or enjoy. SAO Abridged is something I wanted to highlight today due to one factor; the characters.

The cast of SAO might share names with the incarnations of people here, but that is the only similar thing about them (mostly). They are completely unique people that in many cases, are nuts. Kirito and Asuna are wonderful examples of this, as both are psychotic in many ways. It leads to really funny moments that can make one laugh even if they don’t enjoy the source material.

I highly recommend you give this series a shot and I provided a link to the series above this text. It’s not complete yet, but episodes are still set for release in the future.

Who doesn’t love LEGO? They are lovely little blocks you snap together to create anything your mind comes up with and are filled with personality. The year 2014 saw the release of a film called The LEGO Movie that was far better then it had any right to be. Offering a charming story presenting the core theme of why LEGO’s are so important, it was a wonderful experience many loved.

This started a new series of movies from WB Animation Studios, with them producing two films this year. The first of the two films releasing is The LEGO Batman Movie and by using LEGO Movie’s take on Batman as the staring role, we take a LEGO-ized tour through Gotham City. Does Batman master build his way to the hearts of fans and young audiences alike? Or does his creations crumble under heavy expectations?

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Animation is a powerful medium that can be used to tell all kinds of stories. You can make laugh through sharp comedy, tell powerful stories that can move someone, and just do something completely nuts that is unique. Rick & Morty creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon had a number of projects completed before that series was unleashed on Adult Swim.

One such series was called ‘Mr. Sprinkles’. Telling a story of a Cat in the Hat styled creature, we go on a moving story that in many cases feels like the preface too what we got in Rick & Morty. Mr. Sprinkles starts out as a darker parody of Dr. Seuss stories with it’s wacky characters but sets out to tell a profound narrative.

Growing over the course of this short series, Mr. Sprinkles adjusts to a changing world around him and realizes how vile it can be sometimes. Similar to Rick and Morty, it’s not afraid to go in bleak directions but the humor is on-point, making watching the series enjoyable. The ending is powerful, telling viewers a message that will stick with them long after the show is over. I highly recommend you watch the series as it does a number of things right. Specifically if you love Rick & Morty, this show is important to watch; many elements present here in terms of writing and tone mirror what we saw with later works from Justin and Dan.

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Pokemon is a series that has lasted years as a long running anime series. Many of us grew up following Ash & Pikachu on various adventures across the different regions of the Pokemon world. I fondly remember vividly memories of the original three seasons and loved the show growing up. Today I continue to watch the series and in late 2016, Pokemon got a new season for the anime branch of the IP.

Linking with the launch of the ‘Sun & Moon’ games on the Nintendo 3DS, Pokemon Sun & Moon got it’s own anime series that as of this writing currently aired thirteen episodes. Today I will be talking about why I am enjoying the series so far and highlighting aspects of the show I feel are some of the best in the series anime run.

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While older audiences might scratch there heads when hearing the world ‘Ninjago’ but it’s a major IP for the LEGO brand. Having numerous TV show seasons on Cartoon Network, lots of LEGO sets, comic books and even portable games for the PS Vita & 3DS (including being a major franchise in the LEGO Dimensions series); this is a major franchise. The next major step is a feature film and with the success of LEGO in theaters, it makes a lot of sense to give Ninjago some further attention.

A new animated adventure in Warner Bros. Pictures’ LEGO® franchise, “The LEGO NINJAGO Movie” stars Dave Franco, Justin Theroux, Fred Armisen, Abbi Jacobson, Olivia Munn, Kumail Nanjiani, Michael Peña, Zach Woods, and the legendary Jackie Chan. In this big-screen NINJAGO adventure, the battle for NINJAGO City calls to action young Master Builder Lloyd, aka the Green Ninja, along with his friends, who are all secret ninja warriors. Led by Master Wu, as wise-cracking as he is wise, they must defeat evil warlord Garmadon, The Worst Guy Ever, who also happens to be Lloyd’s dad. Pitting mech against mech and father against son, the epic showdown will test this fierce but undisciplined team of modern-day ninjas who must learn to check their egos and pull together to unleash their inner power of Spinjitzu.

Jackie Chan (“Kung Fu Panda,” The Karate Kid”) stars as Master Wu; Justin Theroux (“Magamind 2,” “The Leftovers”) is Garmadon; Dave Franco (“Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising”) plays Lloyd; and Olivia Munn (“X-Men: Apocalypse”) is Lloyd’s mom, Koko. Making up the secret ninja crew, Fred Armisen (“The Jim Gaffigan Show,” “SNL”) voices Cole; Abbi Jacobson (“Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising”) plays Nya; Kumail Nanjiani (“Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates”) is Jay; Michael Peña (“Ant-Man,” “The Martian”) is Kai; and Zach Woods (“Silicon Valley”) voices Zane.

“The LEGO NINJAGO Movie” marks the feature film directorial debut of Charlie Bean (“Tron: Uprising”). The screenplay is by Hilary Winston & Bob Logan & Paul Fisher, story by Kevin Hageman & Dan Hageman and Hilary Winston & Bob Logan & Paul Fisher, based on LEGO Construction Toys.  “The LEGO NINJAGO Movie” is produced by Dan Lin, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller and Roy Lee, who previously collaborated on the worldwide box-office phenomenon “The LEGO Movie,” along with Maryann Garger (“Flushed Away”). Serving as executive producers are John Powers Middleton, Seth Graham

As someone who enjoyed the cartoon and The LEGO Movie, I feel this holds promise. While the overall story is similar to the series (stop Garmadon) from early seasons, the characters and personalities seem very different. But this is a good move; the movie might be many people’s first introduction to the brand and being set within the LEGO Movie universe will allow it to bounce off that movies successes. The animation looks great, writing is quite sharp and general story could be good; I really enjoyed the trailer.