Many of you know I am a huge fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog series from social media and from the Retrospective series I wrote on NeoGaf in the past, but I want to celebrate Sonic’s big birthday today through highlighting an amazing remix album from a talented fan from the Sonic Community.

This collection of tracks remixes a number of level themes across the entire Sonic series, so please consider giving this a listen, as this is a great collection of remixes. Thank you so much for making this Audio Sprite!

I have another Sonic article in the works coming out later this week, so stay tuned for a look into the Saturn/Arcade Era of the series soon. Happy 25th Birthday you Blue Blur!


I want to take the time to honor a great YouTube content creator; SilvaGunner. This fellow makes ‘high quality music rips’ of many different video games and they are amazing. Going to post some personal favorites and I hope you enjoy listening to them.




Expressing the beauty of gaming, doesn’t stop at gaming itself, it goes beyond that.

Dan’s video, briefly tells the viewer, how the internet and technology helped shape video games as to what they are today, and even with the complications of some issues¬†today, unlike so many other medias, gaming shines beautifully in the face of old-age mediums, like filmography, theatrical performances, music industry, and so on.

Source: Dan Rossner