After the release of Sonic Unleashed, SEGA and ‘The Storybook Team’ within Sonic Team released a new game called Sonic & The Black Knight. This game would take the on-rails gameplay from Sonic & the Secret Rings but fix every issue that title had. Better mission structure, refined skill system, better story and less focus on motion controls.

Does this sword swinging adventure cut through the vines and offer a fun experience? In the next part of our Super Sonic Holiday Dash, we will find out!

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Megaman X6 is the 6th numerical installment of the mainline X series, and the 7th chronologically (yes Xtreme 2 is somehow canon, no I don’t know how Capcom’s silly plot writers will explain it :D) and with it comes a deviation away from the fast-paced action setting of previous X games to a more exploration based type of game.

Megaman X6 was a game released not long after X5 as a unexplained ending and a dispute on who actually was in charge (answer: Capcom) of the series. It overall is not a very long game and makes up for that by adding a lot more exploration to pad out the gameplay. How does Megaman X6 hold up? Let’s dive in to the review!

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In 1995 we had seen First Person Shooters and action games from Blake Stone to PO’ed, titles that experimented or tried refining the genre. We wouldn’t see any real huge leaps in design until after 1996, however Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels on the 3DO is a game that stands out quite well from the other First Person Action games of the day.

Based on Warhammer 40k, SHV is an ambitious game. From commanding troops, to weapon variety, and a hint of survival horror, you have a product that attempts to bring in new life to the genre.

(A fellow blood angel)

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