Mario is no stranger to the arts of sport. Taking a stab at all forms of play including baseball, extreme soccer and even having slick dance moves at one point; the plumber and his friends are known for their sporting adventures. But what happens when a few of these sports are contained within one spot for pick up and play fun?

Mario Sports Superstars from Nintendo, Bandai-Namco Games and Camelot compiles three classic sports and two new ones for Mario & friends to partake in. Does this mixture of sports score a home run or get a strike out?

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Sonic has jumped, dash and ran across mobile phones for years now. With his dashing adventure being quite successful and his running jog having some trips, the blue blur has had quite the success on mobile. So it’s no surprise that another one might be coming out in the future. Reported by BlueParadox, it was discovered that a Russian Sonic News account on Twitter ‘leaked’ Sonic Runners: Adventure. 

Nothing else is known outside of it clearly being a sequel/successor to ‘Sonic Runners’ and it being co-developed between Gameloft & SEGA. They worked together in the past, so it’s not surprising that a talented mobile studio is working with SEGA on a mobile Sonic project. This a rumor, so it could easily be false. Do not treat this as an official announcement please. 

Rich went to Microsoft to see Project Scorpio, talk to the people who made it and see software running. But just how powerful is it? This video reveals all.

The full details about Project Scorpio can be found here: [LINK]

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Here are the full specs for Project Scorpio in one place in comparison to the Xbox One (Original/S) and PlayStation 4 Pro:

Invader Zim is a very interesting cartoon. Originating as an idea from the mind behind Johnny The Homicidal Manic, the show aired on Nick in the early 2000’s alongside other iconic shows like Spongebob and The Fairly Odd Parents. Sadly the show faced major hurdles with the network and was canceled. It got more exposure over the years; merchandise sold well, it got re-ruins on the sister channel ‘Nicktoons Network’ (including some un-aired episodes from Season Two) and more recently got a comic that continued the story of the show.

Rumors were flying around last year that a movie is being produced for Nick, not unlike the upcoming Hey Arnold and Rocko’s Modern Life’s TV movies releasing later this year. But nothing was confirmed…until today! Zim and Gir are going to try to take over Earth in a 90-minute feature film in the future.

That’s right, we’re getting a 90-minute film from series creator Jhonen Vasquez, with original series cast members Richard Horvitz reprising his role as Zim alongside Rikke Simmons as GIR, Andy Berman as Dib, and Melissa Fahn as Gaz. We don’t know much about the plot, but it has been revealed that Zim has come up with “a new and potentially Earth-destroying plan” that may finally give Zim his due from his alien overlords.

With Nick pushing hard in producing quality shows (most evident with the recent season of Spongebob getting a huge quality boost over past seasons), they will likely offer the creators more freedom to do what they want unlike when the show originally aired. As someone who loved the show growing up, I’m overjoyed to see the little alien come back. We will keep you posted as further information releases.

Source: Nerdist

We recently put up our review for Season One of the Disney XD Show Star vs. The Forces of Evil Season One but it’s second season ended a few days ago (as of this writing). The original season set up such a strong foundation through subverting it’s core concept, offering fun characters to have adventures with and not being afraid to be a bit serious if needed; Season Two has a lot to build off of.

Let’s go on a new adventure by diving into the second season of Star vs. The Forces of Evil!

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Sonic Forces is launching later this fall and we learned a lot about the game. From how it will heavily mirror Generations with the core gameplay systems for Modern/Classic Sonic to having stronger story elements, it will be a big adventure for Sonic to overcome. But what about that third gameplay style? Today I want to briefly talk about what I think the third style might be and how it could add to the game.

This is a opinion article, so this isn’t any confirmation or anything like that. Please read with that in mind. 

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Rick and Morty is one of the most impressive shows on the Adult Swim line up as of late. It takes dark humor and wraps it up within enjoyable stories with great characters. The second season ended a while ago but now the third season is coming soon! But surprising everyone, Adult Swim aired the first episode of this latest season on April 1st in honor of April Fools Day.

Does Rick and Morty kick off the latest season in dark humor? Or does it fizzle out? Let’s grab our portal guns and find out! Word of warning; Season Two Finale spoilers will be mentioned

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It stinks

So this isn’t meant to be a full review or anything I just thought I’d sum up my thoughts on the critically panned Iron Fist show.

After having seen 3 episodes I can say that this show sucks. Not just by Marvel’s standards but just bad in general. Let me give you a run down of the show’s plot. 
Rich kid Danny Rand and his family were in a plane crash in Himalayas unfortunately Danny was the sole survivor and was probably going to die. Luckily, he was found by Monks and was trained in Martial arts to become the Iron Fist; destined to defeat their sworn enemy know as “The Hand”. You know, the bad guys that have appeared in Daredevil.


Not the deepest backstory out there and it sounds a bit overly ridiculous summarizing it. So years pass and his training his complete and goes back to NYC. He does this to help run his fathers company and reunite with his childhood friends Ward and Joy Meachum, who are coincidentally running the company. And here’s the problem with the show; he’s been presumed dead for 16 years and has no form of identification.

His hair is messed up, his clothes are dirty and worn out and isn’t wearing any shoes. He’s pretty much a hobo and it’s obvious that he did not think any of this stuff through. So pretty much the premise of the first two episodes is that Danny is trying to prove to the Meachums that he is the person that they once knew but the way he’s coming about makes any normal person believe that he’s crazy.

For starters, he breaks into his old home which Joy is coincidentally living there just to see what has changed. Another thing is that he hijacks Wards car (which he’s stated that he doesn’t know how to drive) and points a gun to his head to they can talk. Like what kind of sane person does that? He’s risking his and his supposed friends lives just for a simple conversation.




Even ignoring all of his crazy and unethical actions, Danny was able to prove to them that he was the person who he claims to be but they’re still in denial about. Which I can get but considering this is the same universe where aliens, the hulk, advanced artificial intelligence, gods & magic and the fact that New York is in danger for several times; at some point, you just need to acknowledge that things are possible. Especially considering the fact that their father died and came back to life by the help of The Hand.

Eventually they do come to terms that Danny is telling the truth, but they don’t want him to reveal himself because that would mean that he’s technically the owner of Rand Corp and it would ruin their plans. Which I understand because in a way they’re carrying out a task for a more powerful force even if Joy is unaware of the situation. 
So their plan was that Danny would sign a contract in which he would get $100 Million if he were to change his name and start a new life. My issue with this is that Joy’s excuse for this is that she wants Danny to move on with his life and stop trying to get involved with the company which is a stupid and idiotic thing to say.

This show is filled with stupid moments and it’s not like any of the characters are likable either. Ward’s just a massive jerk; there’s a flashback where he and the others were kids playing monopoly and he just throws the board on the floor, kicking Danny in the crouch just so he wouldn’t pay up. Colleen Wing (my favorite) who is pretty much the only ally Danny has at the moment has a student who participates in illegal fight clubs in order to help raise money to support his family. Wing disapproves of this because she believes it’s dangerous however later she goes and participates in the event because she needed money to pay rent. Which comes off hypocritical on her part.

Bottom line is that this show is not leaving a good first impression on me. To me it comes off as nothing but build up to “The Defenders” more than anything similar to how “Avengers: Age of Ultron” was pretty much set up to “Captain America: Civil War”. Which isn’t really a bad thing since that was what season 2 of Daredevil was doing was well but if feels like this show was an afterthought, just being made to establish that Iron Fist is a thing and he’s training to fight the hand who are going to be the main antagonist of that team up. From my understanding these first few episodes are considered to be where the show was good before it jumped the shark later on. That doesn’t fill me with much hope.

Phil Spencer released the above screen shot of the upcoming remaster project Phantom Dust Remastered for the Xbox One and Window’s 10 platforms. It looks like a huge upgrade over the original game, as it has full wide-screen support and seems to be at a high resolution. The original Xbox library is great and filled with hidden gems, so seeing games like Phantom Dust and Voodoo Vince get second-life on Xbox One is wonderful to see.

It was stated by Phil that this upcoming remaster will release before E3, so we should be hearing of a release date soon. Stay tuned for further information.