Vita gets price cut in Japan

Sony announced a sizable price cut for the PlayStation Vita in Japan this morning. Via a special online broadcast, Sony detailed that, starting February 28, both the 3G/Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi-only models will cost 19,980 yen (around $215). That’s roughly a 20 percent price drop for the Wi-Fi only model, and a chunky 34 percent off the 3G/Wi-Fi model.


Obama: Let’s give more kids the opportunity to make games

More: Console/PC , Business/Marketing “I think given how pervasive computers and the internet is now, and how fascinated kids are with it, I want to make sure that they know how to actually produce stuff using computers, and not simply consume stuff.” – U.S.


Destiny headed to PS3, X360, “future gen tech” – not PC

Destiny is on its way to current-gen HD consoles for sure and very probably next-gen hardware, too – but the PC misses out, with Bungie claiming that “nobody” uses a keyboard and mouse any more. The “MMO-ish” shooter is headed to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and mysterious “future generation technology”,…

Venom Grips Under New Management

The company known as venom grips is now under new management, the company is known for selling Xbox 360 controller accessories such as controller grips and clan logo’s on the controller shell. Over the past couple of months VenomGrips has received accusations of fraud and attacking people who criticize the company or the owner,…


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(Hint: It is a website-exclusive unity-powered video game, MP and powered by Photon Cloud)