Man, every big Sonic Fanboy will understand this, aren’t they?

No, seriously, I am doing so much stuff, but I need to wait and see if old site goes fully up…

otherwise, I will start posting news later…

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3WORLD! is getting everything that got missing back into this new domain šŸ™‚
Moving from to!

Ensuring the best experience, please bear with us on the changes and things that are being recovered or changed, also you can try the new Topics/Thoughts feature that replaces the forums with a visual editor for easiness!

Thank you.

Now you can visit my personal blog where i will blog about things and also share so many stuff including stuff from my twitter =)

3WORLD! just got a new look for its site , with the following new and removed:

New : the home page is a splash page with the latest posts displayed under the splash

Faster loading times

Removed : Mail and Social Feed due to problems with the plugin itself.

Spaces are backĀ integratedĀ with the Site!

Login from the top bar and also a much more minimal and simple navigation bar.

and more is coming soon..


-3WORLD! Admin (Motwera)

The forums are now separate from the main website because of performance issues so you might find some errors in the new forums.

Also the new forums has user blogs , so you can post your own news/thoughts from there šŸ™‚ and you will now need to register from the forums only, not from the blog and main site!



Admin of 3WORLD!

TheĀ surpriseĀ is going to be Delayed for another month due to not having the pre-prototype models and map of “M project” game prepared, also not all required concept arts are finished/ported to a digital/cleaner version.

Sorry for this news people šŸ™