Activision Rant ( Blog Version )

hi people , i would like to introduce you to my first rant about activision and why i hate them Original Video:

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First Post in :D (Crash bandicoot 2010)

so recently you seen with crash bandicoot 2010 post , you know who made it? ME yeah im not kidding check it our for ur self 🙂

Sony still Loves “Crash bandicoot” :’)

Sony’s Response to Activision!

(can be found in sony’s US playstation community header)

to ALL CRASH fans!! Operation Bring bandicoot is back on July 25th!!!

Jumpbutton Just Announced Recently this Afternoon that 
Operation Bring back Bandicoot is Going to get back on July 
25th with new videos, infos and More stuff to get Activision's 
attention to make at least a new crash bandicoot game for 
Crash bandicoot's 15th Anniversary after 3 years of Waiting 
for a new console game and plus a game that would also go 
to the PS3!

Support this operation by Sharing it to the world as possible as you could and also follow their twitter/FB page!

Minecraft’s Server Opening soon and SNEAK PEEK!

I’m happy to announce that im gonna open the beta test soon when i finish the map/world for 3WORLD!’s server!

first look!

Alpha version of the map’s server

Will be only on!