Site formats (Kind of website)

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Basically this: Chan/Reddit place: No thank you, my site already has what it needs to be better than those kinds of sites A normal gaming blog: Seriously? I wanted my website to be always better than just that Forums: No thanks (If main), I tried and has so much trouble, i made it a second nature to the site, so no Single sign on for you if using it A wiki site: Wouldn’t work, seriously it isn’t the main vision, … Read More

Changes in 3WORLD!: – Fixed

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Changes in 3WORLD!: – Fixed “Please insert title” bug on the main page status page poster. – Added the official Google+ badge for 3W! – Changed YouTube channel from 3worldsite to 3worldtv (New)

GTA 5’s Leaked Xbox 360 Data Reveals PC, PS4 Build Code news via NeoGAF

MotweraStatusLeave a Comment Yep, as expected, we will get PC, and PS4 versions of #GTAV ๐Ÿ˜€ Xbox One version not confirmed yet, but its possible that its going to be confirmed as well with this leak.. Expect even more GTA V news in the upcoming days, guys! Also, check the article before this one, it says something about the huge leak of the game! Posted from WordPress for Android

Wonder why GTA V leaked? Blame French retailers..

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If you have been wandering to many gaming news websites like IGN, NeoGAF, and such these sites have been telling you that there are spoilers about GTA V, it is because the game has been literally released by a broken street release date, by french retailers this time (a week ahead of official release) I can’t tell you where to find them, or even find the game’s files (That’s illegal), but i can tell you to find a thread with … Read More