Minor Fix in 3WORLD!:

[agt]Minor Fix in 3WORLD!:[/agt]
– Fixed Gravatar, now if you have a gravatar, it will appear with no problem, if not, it will be replaced by default ones used by the website.

Updated my fanart // Stuff from my blog (Motwera)


this is another version of it :-)

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via Motwera http://motwera.wordpress.com/2013/10/25/updated-my-fanart/

My newest drawing of crash, untitled… // Stuff from my blog (Motwera)


Seriously, don’t tell me how uncool current crash looks like, both old and current crashes look cool to me :-P
This drawing proves it.

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via Motwera http://motwera.wordpress.com/2013/10/25/my-newest-drawing-of-crash-untitled/

hello, bolded visitor!

hello, bolded visitor!

3WORLD! Changelog: (Major update)

[agt]3WORLD! Changelog: (Major update)[/agt]
– Status update poster is now being usable in every section of the website, in addition of being now equipped with tabbed widget that has additional tabs, such as a chatroom, and FAQ tab.
– It now supports last visit or latest posts notification bubble on the favicon of the website, with iOS styled numberic red dot.
– Search box has been moved into header, usable by mobile and tab/pc users now.
– Menu changes, now a new menu item for a new part of the site, Shows, can be 3rd party and directly from the creator of the website (Me!)
-Added ‘New post’ menu item for logged in users.
– ‘Auto Generate Title’ plugin source code has been now integrated into the site’s functions!
– (Previously said) Again, Avatar of logged in users can now be also viewed on the navigation bar.

Hello.. testing code from plug

Hello.. testing code from plugin into theme integration

3WORLD! now had a mini avatar

3WORLD! now had a mini avatar icon on the side of your username, for tne navigation bar..
Also… what’s with the negativity for SLW?

Hello… testing some changes

Hello… testing some changes 123

Changes in 3WORLD! (Again) Th

Changes in 3WORLD! (Again)
Thumbs up and down have been removed out of archive/frontpage/search results, please go to the desired post and then use the post/comment thumbs feature, thanks. (Due to infinite scrolling screwing up with ‘older posts’ loader..)

Changes that have been added i

Changes that have been added into 3W!
– Category/topics pages now display 10 recent comments in any discussion/post from the assigned category of each post!