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MotweraStatusLeave a Comment TD;LR: PS4 and Xbox One selling well, most people like NYTimes believe in mobile and tablet gaming, not true PC and console gaming.. aaaaaand: In a recent interview, Reggie Fils-Aime, the president of Nintendo’s United States division, said he expected sales of the Wii U to improve as better games for the device went on sale. “Our business is doing just fine, thank you very much, despite the competitive launches,” he said. This new generation of consoles, to be … Read More

Changelog (Pre-Christmas):

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[agt]Changelog (Pre-Christmas):[/agt] [ul] [li]Fixes to slow parts of the website[/li] [li]Cleaned up code of status poster and added a better button for chatroom (Only registered users)[/li] [li]BBcode is now (Partially) supported, for some reasons, it does not work on comments…[/li] [li]Image URLs can now be automatically autoembed! (Not comments)[/li] [li]Still unfixed: Chrome’s weird rendering of Search bar height… Sorry for those using other than chrome.. I am trying to work on it, help me fix this CSS problem :'([/li] [li]Updated site … Read More