New feature: Spoiler tag (Blur)

[agt]New feature: Spoiler tag (Blur)[/agt]
Now you can spoilerize anything in your mind via the status updater or front/back end poster that could be considered a spoiler 😛
For example:

Lorez blossomed into the sun, while taking out her dog.

Welcome to a brand new 3WORLD!

Welcome to a brand new experience of the one and only, 3WORLD!
You will be presented with a new but familiar and unique design that ensures your enjoyment when reading, talking, or just sharing your creations via the infamous script (Goggles)

Minecraft Classic server is being replaced by an ambitious project that will be a 3WORLD! exclusive game called #GINE!
Which is an all-new totally free to play multiplayer shooter with the focus of K-styling, splitting/sharing weapons, and changing costumes/special abilities in a form of sets in real time!

And finally, with it being focused as a Zero-dollar project, meaning that no profits will be made during its production (Unless things change later)

SIERRA IS BACK?! (Activision Gamescom Teaser!)




Maybe they are considering reviving crash for real, since before 2008, Crash as an IP, belonged to Sierra..

They could be considering a different studio too for Crash, I really hope this is it..