First Impressions: Smash Wii U [Commentary Vid]

Late first blind playthrough of smash impressions

[agt]Late first blind playthrough of smash impressions[/agt] (vid not up yet):
It is amazing, but I suck at playing 😛
Seriously, I don’t need to make a review, go ahead and try it out (if you cannot get a wii u) or buy it along with a Wii U

Leaky, leaky Ubisoft (AC Unity)

[agt]Leaky, leaky Ubisoft (AC Unity)[/agt]
Grab it while you can, because in no time, it will be taken down 😛

Sonic 2 HD: First look at some of the new animations!

Finally another update from the amazing and ambitious fanproject from Sonic Retro, with a first-look at the new and revamped animations that will look amazing once we see the first gameplay from the revamped project!

Link to the new animations

S2HD isn’t just about redrawing the original artwork to a higher standard — our lead animator went back to the drawing board to create brand new animation sets. Here’s a look at what’s been done with Sonic so far!