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Major update for 3WIREL! regarding the future of it


Well, hello there, readers and members,
I have some things to tell you, as I promised, the next major update and redesign for 3WIREL! is on the horizon, and I want to make sure that more people could get involved and slowly transform it into the next level of media entertainment and community discussion!

I am sorry that this is taking quite long, but be patient, this is a long-term plan for the future of 3WIREL!, its been in the plans for few years, and now I am taking upon it for the first time since the move from Weebly to WP.
Here is 2 lists to note:

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Another quick update for 3WIREL!

For security purposes:
Old rating and points system has been removed, sooner or later, we are going to replace the points system with a new achievements/points system, much more clean and up-to-date as well.