Mojang issuing major changes for Promotional/Commercial use of Minecraft

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Minecraft is a universal tool, as it is a video game. People can build all kinds of amazing things with the open worlds the game provides and many people use the game as a tool to show off projects and other important commercial stuff. Mojang and Microsoft are changing how this is going to work going forward and the official comments about this are below. Source: Mojang Blog – Mojang Documentation

[Update] SEGA Planning a major Sonic 25th Anniversary Party at LA

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Update: Gene has confirmed that the LA event is not really fan-focused (No Party) as the San Diego Event.. There's no fan party in LA (besides Sonic Revolution) and San Diego is the one people should keep their eyes on. Just saiyan. — Sergio Montealegre (@gene_hf) May 31, 2016 SEGA has a lot of plans to celebrate the series anniversary and it seems plans extend past the upcoming event SEGA is holding in July. As stated in the above video, … Read More

Kotaku Writer Receiving Death Threats over ‘No Man’s Sky’ Delay

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When games get pushed back, it is easy to get upset over not being able to play the game you were looking forward to and now have to wait even longer to play it. But threatening someones life over that is something else entirely. Kotaku writer Jason Schreler comments on receiving death threats after publishing a story about the game being delayed and they were the first ones to report on the mater before this news was official.

Final Fantasy XV – Big Update After Japanese Active Time Report

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Final Fantasy XV is set to release on September 30th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a lot of information rolling out over time. Today, we learned a lot after the games Active Time Report event took place. Below will be the information gathered from the games developers after receiving questions from fans of the game.

[QUICKIE] Battlefield 1 MP Livestream on June 12th 5PM EST

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Excited to see Battlefield™ 1 in action? Tune in on June 12 at 02:00PM PT for Battlefield Squads, where 64-players will take part in the first-ever livestream of Battlefield 1 gameplay. Battlefield community members BATTLEFIELD FRIENDS – NOOB and StoneMountain64 will be serving as Team Captains, and their team rosters will include some of the most well-known YouTubers and Twitch streamers around, as well as a few special guests. We will post the Twitch/YouTube when an hour before premiere.

[VIDEO] Sonic Boom Volume 2: Hedgehog Day

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Sonic Boom Volume 2: Hedgehog Day Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles and new friend Sticks must come together as a team to explore a new world full of comedy and adventure complete with malfunctioning giant tech-monsters, bizarre inventions, evil interns, and ridiculous conversations at high speeds. Available now: Amazon UK – iTunes – Join the conversation: Snapchat ► Twitter ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Tumblr ►  

[Rumor – Update] Xbox E3 Plans Detailed

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It’s no surprise that before E3 some information leaks out, as that happened last year before some conferences began with news on Last Guardian and FFVII Remake happening. Microsoft has some big announcements coming but it seems some of that got leaked out. This is a rumor, so take the following information with a grain of salt.

New Skylanders Game

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Skylanders is a video game franchise that coined the term ‘Toys-To-Life’ and with recent events like Disney Infinity 3.0’s cancellation indicates, it is a hard market to be a part of. Activision is still pushing forward with Skylanders, with a new game called ‘Imaginators’. More information on the game will be released on Wednesday when it is officially announced but images of three Skylanders for the game came out. Source: Skylanders Inquirer – DarkSpyro