Sony E3 – Spider-Man (Insomniac Games) Detailed by Marvel

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Marvel detailed the announcement of Insomniac Games working on the Spider-Man title recently announced with more information. Its also major to point out that this is a Sony produced title, not an Activision one; past Spider-Man games have been published by Activision. Very interesting move and thank you NeoGaf Member Shikamaru Ninja for pointing this out. Here is their quote: “(c) Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC is on the Spiderman trailer. This is definitely a Sony / Insomniac Game.”


Hey True Believers!

We’ve just revealed the first big surprise from the Marvel Games team: an all-new Spider-Man experience, exclusively for the PlayStation 4! If you tuned in to PlayStation’s E3 press briefing we’re sure you’ve already felt the excitement. But if you missed it, there’s a first look up top at one of our most ambitious projects yet. Let’s go for a swing!

Now, to answer some of your Daily Bugle front page questions…

Why Spider-Man? Because when Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created Peter Parker, they broke the mold of what a Super Hero could be and set the bar by which all others would be judged. And that’s exactly what we plan to do with this game: break the mold and set a new bar of greatness for Marvel Games!

Why Insomniac? Insomniac is a perfect match for Spider-Man because not only are they world class game developers that make phenomenal story-driven experiences, but they also craft games bursting with personality, humor and most importantly: fun…just like Spidey!

Why PlayStation? The PlayStation 4 is one of the most exciting gaming platforms ever! But not only have they created a great gaming console, they also have an amazing line-up of first party titles and a community of the most passionate players that we are thrilled to join.

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