Castle of Illusion Staring Mickey Mouse (Remake) being Delisted September 2nd


Castle of Illusion Staring Mickey Mouse, the HD Remake of the Genesis classic, is getting delisted across all platforms September 2nd.

If you ever wondered why people get so grumpy over digital-only releases, here’s one big reason: we’ve heard that the 2013 remake of Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse will be delisted from XBLA, PSN, Steam and mobile platforms on September 2nd. The news arrived via an email from an email sent out by indiegala, which claimed the game would be “retired” on that date. The reason for the delisting is likely because SEGA is not renewing the license with Disney, which has been a sad ongoing trend with the company that has also contributed to the delisting of OutRun Online Arcade and After Burner Climax.

The game is a 2.5D Remake that adds 3D platforming sections, a new soundtrack from the Grant Kirkhope, and more. Its a great remake that I highly recommend you get before its delisted. Its is getting a lot of different sales, noted by SEGA Bits below and in the source link is the sites review of the game as well.

Thankfully, some great sales are going on right now. The Humble Bundle PC version is only $2.24, discounted from $14.99, and the PS3 version is only $3.74. If you are still on the fence, check out our review of the game in which we awarded it an A- and called it “A fantastic platformer!”.

If you need further convincing to give this game a shot, below the source link will be interviews from the creators of this HD remake project, some gameplay footage of the first level & a comparison between the original game and this remake.

Source: SEGA Bits

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PlayStation Plus – September Line-Up Announced (NA & EU) / Prince of Persia, Journey & More!

PlayStation Plus recently had a price bump and many wondered how this will affect the PS+ line up for September and this month looks quite promising. Below are the games coming to PS Vita, PS3 & PS4 platforms.

Lords of the Fallen is a third person action title taking a lot of notes from Dark Souls, making it similar to that game in many regards. Journey is a game many have played already on PS3 but came to the PS4 not long ago; being on PS+ could be a nice chance to give the PS4 version a shot! Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands PS3 is the HD version of th game, one of the many versions of this fun action/adventure game. The HD version focuses on action combat and fun Prince of Persia platforming. Datura & Badland are the creative indie titles of the month and should offer a lot of fun. The last game in the line up is Amnesia: Memories for the Vita, a visual novel title. This is the most interesting game in the mix and I personally hope it leads to more Japan-developed games to enter the PS+ line up in the future.



Assassins Creed: The Ezio Collection Confirmed? – Image Releases of the Game

When Ubisoft said there wouldn’t be a new Assassins Creed game this holiday, they likely meant no NEW Assassins Creed game, as the rumored AC: The Ezio Collection is coming later this fall.

The collection will feature AC II, Brotherhood & Revelations in addition to the two animated films featuring Ezio. Regarding the specific features of the collection, take a look at the below quote.

Gameblog adds that according to their retail sources, it’s a 1080p/30fps collection, with (some?) reworked textures, and would include all DLC and two animation movies about Ezio. Target release date is November and they say “less than 70€” (full price).

The frame rate will be locked at 30FPS with 1080p across the most likely platforms (PS4 & Xbox One) as well. With the quote saying the collection is likely releasing below the standard retail price & coming out this November, it will be a cheap collection of some of last generations best open-world games.

We will report on this as the story develops.

Source: NeoGaf VIA Games Blog FR

NX Rumors – Split D-Pad & Share Button-Like Feature

As the days go on, more & more NX rumors start releasing. This new one states that the Directional Pad for the system will be like the PS4 (with it being a Cross D-Pad) & a share button like feature. Sounds promising and as more rumors release we will be covering them on 3wirel. Stay tuned for further information.

First 18 Minutes of Fallout 4: Nuka World DLC Content

Nintendo Direct 9.1.2016 – 3DS Focused Stream Later Today

Nintendo is hosting a new Nintendo Direct! It will be focusing on the upcoming 3DS line up this fall and will be starting later today and different stream links can be found below.

Stream Links

We will be reporting on the direct as it happens, so keep an eye on 3wirel for further updates later today.

Special Thanks: NeoGaf OT of the Nintendo Direct for the Steam Links

Digital Foundry Retro – Deus Ex on PC & PS2

Digital Foundry takes a look at both versions of the original Deus Ex, the PC & PS2 releases. Both have a lot of advanced technology and hearing about the mostly ignored PS2 port for the first time is great. Digital Foundry explains a lot, like how the team behind the project had experience with First Person titles in the past and how using Unreal Engine for the title allowed for complex tools to build the games stealth mechanics.

Its a great video and something to watch if you enjoy recent Deus Ex games; always good to look-back at what started a series after all.

Rise of the Tomb Raider – PS VR Details Released

Rise of the Tomb Raider is getting a special PS VR mode in the PS4 release of the game this fall, but now we got new footage explaining how the game will work in PS VR mode.

Noitu Love Devolution (Wii U) – GameXplain Game & Watch Video Preview

GameXplain takes the time to highlight an interesting title releasing on the Wii U this week, Noitu Love Devolution. It is a brawler with platforming elements.

Bioshock Infinite Gameplay – Bioshock: The Collection Footage

Recently, footage of Bioshock Infinite released and its of the PS4/Xbox One version of the game included in “Bioshock: The Collection”. Unlike the other games in the collection, this is port of PC version (running at the High/Ultra settings at 60FPS/1080p), so it isn’t built ground-up for the new hardware.

Still, it looks quite nice and the boost in frame rate helps the gunplay feel more responsive & fun.