LEGO Dimensions – Producer Interview (Eurogamer)

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LEGO Dimensions Year 2 content starts releasing today with a special Ghostbusters Story Pack and more but what was the idea behind the story packs and other ideas for this year’s Year 2 content? Eurogamer spent some time with the producer of project and shared a lot of interesting comments.

“[A story continuation] got teased at the end, and this year isn’t the end of anything,” producer Mark Warburton told me at EGX yesterday, “it’s a continuation…”
That said, this year will focus on the idea of Story Packs as a way to provide larger chunks of story than singular levels, for movies such as the new Ghostbusters film, Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and the Lego Batman Movie, which will all fit into the Lego Dimensions wrapper.
“We wanted to try something different [with Story Packs] and tell the story of those movies. This year is going to be a great barometer of what the appetite is out there, to see if people like our story or want something else. We’ll see if the preference is that they want to play the whole Ghostbusters movie or Fantastic Beasts movie.

You can read the full interview at the following source link. 

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