Paper Mario 3D Land (Fan Game) Gameplay (@Cobanermani456) – NOT AN OFFICIAL NINTENDO GAME

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Despite the troubled situation regarding fan projects based on Nintendo IP, a new Fan game released recently. It is called Paper Mario 3D Land which takes the franchises RPG elements (health system) but blends it with the 3D platforming we saw in Super Mario 3D Land.
@Cobanermani456 spent sometime playing the game and he is starting a lets-play series on the title. The game is fully complete and looks very polished. I played some of it after watching @Cobanermani456‘s video and really enjoyed what I played of it.
This game is NOT an official product by Nintendo of America, Nintendo of Europe, Nintendo of Japan, or Intelligent Systems. It is a fan production made in respect and honor of both the Super Mario and Paper Mario IP’s that Nintendo owns.

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