Rogue Raider Online – Officially a Sony Development Partner (3rd Party) and Kickstarter Update

She’s also provided an update on the races in the game and has retained a concept artist for the project:…/posts/1723870

A update released on the official Kickstarter page for Rogue Raiders Online, a game I had an interview with the developer on not long ago. Now that she is an officially licensed developer for Sony, development on the project can progress further now.

Source: NeoGaf

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[RUMOR] Shadow of the Tomb Raider Leaked?

Rise of the Tomb Raider recently released on the PS4 to strong reception and work on the third game is likely in production…..but now we might know the games official name. Spotted on Imgur from a user, someone from Crystal Dynamics/Square Enix USA was working on a presentation for the game. 

This is a RUMOR, so this could easily be false. But this is great news for those who are enjoying the reboot series of Tomb Raider.

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Game Theory Highlight – Five Nights At Freddy’s Theory Videos

MatPat of Game Theory is famous for making enjoyable theories over the past few years…..but his Five Nights At Freddy’s videos are some of his mos popular. The series has quite a deep lore once you dig into it and MatPat dug deep into the series.

Producing over 13 videos that are quite long, they cover the long story of one of gaming’s most popular IP’s of this current generation. You can find an entire playlist of all his theories with the above link and I encourage you give it a watch if you are in the mood for some spooky stories.

Social Media Sharing Fixed! – Article Round Up

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Motwera and I was able to fix the social media sharing issue but many of our posts were not visible on social media before. I will will compile all the old articles I published over the past few hours while this issue was going on.

Blue Dragon & Limbo Coming to Xbox One BC Program!

Blue Dragon & Limbo (both 360 titles) are coming to the Xbox One as BC titles! Lidia Pitzalis is a major member of Xbox Spain, so this is very close to an official announcement. For those confused with Limbo being part of this announcement, while it got a Xbox One port, the game still has the original 360 version.

Zero Escape: The Nonary Games – Announced by Aksys Games for PS Vita/PS4 in 2017

Aksys Games announced that the highly loved visual novels 999 & Virtue’s Last Reward are releasing in a double pack. While VLR is very similar to the original Vita release, 999 is being built for the ground up for HD visuals and more.

This is great news for people that might have missed out on both of these enjoyable visual novels and we will be covering more on this collection as further information releases.

What’s that? You’ve already managed to escape the clutches of death and played both games through to completion? Fear not! 999 has been rebuilt from the ground up and now features HD graphics, as well as English and Japanese voice acting. Prepare to experience 999 as it was intended, and lose yourself in unparalleled immersion.

So what exactly is a Nonary Game? In essence, the game contains nine “players” or participants. You assume the role of one of these participants and compete towards a common goal. “No big deal, I love a good, friendly competition!” you say to yourself. Well, not so fast… The rules of each game vary from title to title, but the end goal is always the same: you must fight for survival and do everything in your power to escape with your life! That’s right, the price for losing this game is death. Did we mention that you’ve been “entered” against your will?

Prepare yourselves gamers, Zero Escape: The Nonary Games makes its way to PS4 and PS Vita next year!

Source: PlayStation Blog


Final Fantasy XV Season Pass Detailed

final_fantasy_15_new (1)

Final Fantasy XV is getting a lot of DLC thanks to the previously announced Season Pass and below is the season pass explained.

So, just what is Final Fantasy 15’s DLC plan?

At a basic level, there’ll be four ‘big’ DLCs, at least initially. Three of these will be all-new single-player adventures, each focusing on one of the main members of the party that accompany FF15 protagonist Noctis throughout the main game. FF15 is the first game in the series where you won’t be able to assume direct control of anybody except the lead character, but through DLC fans will thus get a chance to play as Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto.

“Each of the character-based episodes we’re doing are going to add new gameplay elements and systems and change the way the gameplay works,” Sawatari explains. “Each of those is based very much around the personality and the style of character that stars in them.”

  • Their goal for the DLCs is really to focus on Noctis’ friends.
  • Each DLCs includes new story elements, new gameplay experiences and new locations.
  • The journalist(s) saw footage of Gladio’s DLC, it was in a cave and represented 20% of what the devs are aiming for, and that the animations still needed to be worked on.
  • They saw a fight against an armored guy and it really reminded them of the Souls Saga.
  • The footage ended with a more powerful boss.
  • The length of each DLCs should be enough for every kind of gamer.
  • The DLCs aren’t linked to Kingsglaive or Brotherhood, just the main game.
  • They won’t talk about their planning until it is ready.
  • The team is aware of the high demand of a DLC featuring Luna as the heroin and he said they will think about it.
  • Gladio’s gameplay is action oriented , it is quite different from Noctis’ .
  • Sawatari Haru Yoshi (the DLC director) worked on Bloodborne and he admits that Gladio’s gameplay has some similarities. He is happy that the journalist noticed this detail.
  • From the beginning FFXV, the main game, was focused on Noctis so they aren’t worried about those who think party switching was removed to make new DLCs. The DLCs are purely additional content.

Below will be the official press release on Square Enix’s season pass plans but it is nice that the studio behind XV has a lot planed for the game regarding post-launch support.

Sources: NeoGaf VIA VG247 & Square Enix Press CenterSquare Enix Press Center

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Titanfall 2 PC – Digital Foundry Gameplay (4K 60FPS)

Time to break out the Titan X Pascal for some Titanfall 2 campaign action. All settings ramped up to max, native 3840×2160. Let’s do it.

Digital Foundry takes a look into the PC version of Titanfall with a playthrough on the game.