Digital Homicide Closes its Doors & Lawsuit Toward’s Steam Users Dropped

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Digital Homicide
We talked at length about the situation regarding Digital Homicide in the past but news came out today that the publisher is no more, at least under there current name.

It wasn’t that long ago that developer Digital Homicide sued 100 Steam Users for harassment and getting a subpoena on Valve for further user information. That was followed by Steam pulling Digital Homicide’s games off the storefront, which Digital Homicide responded to by saying that they were looking to sue Valve. On September 26th, Digital Homicide filed to have the court case against the Steam users dismissed without prejudice and a refund for their court fees, or if that is not possible they request a 90-day extension in continuing matters.

Digital Homicide dropped the case due to not having the funds to continue.

It is important thing to note – Digital Homicide didn’t file a dismissal or a case. The company had pretty much nothing to do with the case other than some evidence.  Which was why we were surprised by the result. It’s like a manager at a large mall shop filing suit against some harassers who’ve been attacking him inside and outside of his shop, and the entire shops removed. It’s confusing.

They could continue a new case against Steam & the Steam users, as while they don’t have the funds now, they can enter the courts and re-submit the case without paying up-front legal fees for a full year. But for the moment, it seem’s that the long history of Digital Homicide has its book closed for the time being.
Many gamers are rejoicing seeing this publisher shut down after the toxic events they caused over the past two years but some things are not fully answered yet. The cased against Jim Sterling is still ongoing for example.

Sterling case waits for dismissal decision. No other comment on this.

And the publisher still feels they were in the right regarding this entire situation.

We may have been painted in a negative customer light by gaming media, truthfully we’ve been fighting for lower prices and a more open market – which to me is the most important thing for consumers

It is very hard to determine what might happen next, but this news is interesting for sure. Expect 3WIREL to cover more on Digital Homicide and this case as further information releases.
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