Animated Klonoa Film in Production – Henshin and Hitoshi Ariga On Project

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The long under-used franchise Klonoa is a platforming series that did a lot for 2D & 3D gaming back in the PlayStation One era, with the release of the original Klonoa showing 2D & 3D games mixing in a very organic fashion. Later games in the series added on top of the puzzle/platforming template and the series closed out in 2008/2009 with a well-done remake of the very first Klonoa game on the Nintendo Wii.
Interestingly, the series might be getting a come-back of sorts.

TOKYO – U.S.-based animation production company Henshin is developing an animation feature based on Bandai Namco’s “Klonoa” game series. Henshin founder Rob Pereyda will produce and Hitoshi Ariga will script the film, as well as serve as co-producer and character designer. The announcement was revealed at TIFFCOM, the rights market of the Tokyo Film Festival.

We will likely hear more about this film project as it progresses further in development but it is fantastic to see this charming franchise get some spotlight again.
Source: NeoGaf VIA Variety  

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