LEGO Dimensions – Sonic Level Pack Music (19 Tracks)

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Sonic is famous for his music and it would make sense for Travelers Tales to use his expansive library of quality musical pieces for his tour through LEGO-ized zones. But something interesting to note is that while they are remixes, they sound quite different from the original level themes. It is documented that Sonic 1 and 2’s Musical Scores are NOT owned by SEGA but rather the original composer Masato Nakamura. So, every time a Sonic theme from Sonic 1 & 2 are used, SEGA has to pay fees to use his music.
It seems that SEGA, Sonic Team and Travelers Tales decided to make original remixes of the classic themes rather than have the original tracks. Some of them like Green Hill and the Death Egg sound great for example. But classic Sonic songs are still present such as Emerald Coast (Azure Blue) and Instrumental versions of the Adventure-Era character themes. Hearing the Instrumental ‘Open Your Heart’ was great, as that is a personal favorite Sonic track.
This video was made by the YouTube user JayShockblast.

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