Rogue Raiders Lives On – Kickstarter Not Funded But In Development on PC

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Rogue Raiders Online was a game that I was very excited about, more so from having a great conversation with the games developer and learning more about the game. It was going to be something special, a Vita exclusive late in the systems life cycle, and many wanted the game. Sadly, it didn’t hit the Kickstarter funding.

Hi fellow Raiders!
Sadly, the Kickstarter didn’t reach its goal, so I’m back to square one. I’m sad, I know that Rogue Raiders would have been a great game in PS Vita, but I have failed in translating my ambition and vision to the Vita community.

So what does this mean?

When I started this adventure, I supposed two scenarios: the happy one, in which the game would have been funded, and the sad one, in which people will angrily yell at me saying that the game was bad 😀
Surprisingly what happened is neither of those. People love the concept of the game, I’ve been contacted by many fans, some publishers and even Microsoft told me that they like the game and would love to see it come to live. So I’ve decided to give Rogue Raiders a chance, and keep working in it as a side project.
That has two mayor problems:

  • The development process is going to be longer, meaning that the release date may be too late for the Vita life span.
  • People have manifested the need of trying the game while in development. So I need to work in a PC version that everyone can use.

For that reason, I’ve decided to switch development to the PC platform. I’m torn because I really wanted to create this game as a Vita game, but I need to be realistic and this Kickstarter is real proof that I can’t keep walking that path.

So what the Christaina is doing, is continuing development of the game on the PC platform and future plans of on this version of the game will be shared in the near future. However, there is some very good news for backers of the project.

So… the good news? Steam!

Well, Rogue Raiders Online now needs to be rethink as a PC game, so I’ve created a Steam Concept page, in which gamers can take a look and give input about the game:
And as a special gift for all backers who believed in this game, I’m happy to announce that all backers will gain free early access to try the game while in development! You’re the reason this project is being kept alive and I hope that with your help Rogue Raiders Online will grow into something great.

Last but not least…

I want to thank all backers for their support. Even if the Kickstarter hasn’t reach the goal, I’ve received a lot of great input and I’m grateful that people from all around the world believed in the game and wanted to make it real. Many, many thanks to all of you,

People who supported the game can help out by playing a special demo on the PC for the title and sharing input/thoughts about the project on a official Steam Community page. Cristina worked hard on this project and I have a lot of respect for her to launch the Rogue Raiders Online Kickstarter. It was a long journey and while some road bumps came in the way, the adventure still continues.
Source: Rogue Raiders Online Kickstarter Final Update

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