Gurumin Amiibo Announced! – Parin Gets Amiibo that is a Custom Amiibo

Edit: (11/26/2016) I made a big mistake and I am deeply sorry. The Parin Amiibo is NOT an official Amiibo product. It is a custom Amiibo. I am very sorry for this mistake. You can find the original article below. 

It was announced after a while of teasing that Parin (Gurumin) is getting an amiibo!

This is great news, as Gurumin is a fantastic action adventure game that feels like a great blend of 3D Zelda and Mega Man Legends to me. I enjoyed my time reviewing the 3DS version and I highly recommend you give the game as shot. I do wonder what support the Parin amiibo will offer for Gurumin 3D, but we will learn more as @Gurumin3D shares further information on this news.

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