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The Bionic Commando series is one filled with quality games that many were happy to see come back through Rearmed however, we got two more projects after that title; the 2009 title (called ‘Bionic Commando) and a full sequel to Rearmed called Rearmed 2.
Recently, content creator on YouTube Ghastlycrate produced his second part of the Bionic Commando – Series Retrospective video series and this is some fantastic work. From covering the history of both titles, diving into the stories of each game and sharing his thoughts on the games, I really loved watching this video.

With a franchise successfully revitalized, Bionic Commando Rearmed would pave the way for a promising future for the adventures of Nathan “RAD” Spencer. In the second part of this franchise retrospective we take a much more personal look back at the two final games that would release in it’s wake.

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