Freedom Planet 2 First Gameplay Releases! – Lilac Gameplay Preview

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Many of you know I love the Sonic series and that I really enjoyed the original Freedom Planet. With the sequel on the way, I have a strong feeling it will be an enjoyable experience, but talk about a early Christmas Gift! GalaxyTrail released today a special gameplay video for Freedom Planet 2 showing off how different/similar Lilac will play compared to the first game.
She looks to control almost 1-to-1 but with some key differences. One being how her Dragon Boost ability can be chained into a little spin before deactivating. This is a nice change from the original game, as you can not only avoid taking unneeded hits but score some extra damage on foes. I liked this addition and it looks to be one of the many small changes to make this even more playable compared to the original.

Lilac has received the least changes from the first Freedom Planet, but she still has some new tricks up her sleeve! Her Boost Breaker lets her jump out of her boosts while leaving behind a damaging explosion. She also benefits greatly from the new Guarding mechanic – which allows you to block/parry enemy attacks with proper timing – as well as Reviving, which lets you spend an extra life on the spot to get back up. (Careful though – you’ll still go down in one hit!) Finally, Lilac can gain access to a set of Wing Gliders later in the game that enhance her Dragon Boost.

This trailer shows an early version of the game in action but it still appears to be fast, frantic and fun like the original Freedom Planet. We will be covering this as further information releases, so stay tuned for more on Freedom Planet 2 in the future!
Freedom Planet 2 is set for a release sometime in 2017 on PC platforms.

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