[VIDEO] LiamR: Intelligent Systems Cancelled Wii U Game (Crashmo World)

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Liam Robertson (Also known on Twitter by the URL handle of Doctor_Cupcakes & Online by LiamR), a major contributor to many of Unseen64‘s biggest cancelled/unreleased video game projects (You can support him on Patreon for some exclusive content there), a researcher, archiver of cancelled projects and contributor to other venues such as Did You Know Gaming (via U64) and Nintendo Life. Liam has confirmed what many were wondering was coming from Intelligent Systems in terms of their last Wii U title around next year. Unfortunately, that cancelled title was revealed to be Crashmo World (In the vein of Pushmo World), a title similar to Crashmo/Pushmo on the Nintendo 3DS on the eShop, that would’ve set their last hurrah to the Wii U since Nintendo stopped the shipment/manufacturing around this time, as it was also the third title coming out by Emily Rogers around Feburary (From Paper Mario: Color Splash and Mother 3). Intelligent Systems is now working around the clock on their upcoming Nintendo Switch title which has to be yet since they decided that aside from Nintendo’s greenlight, it was later on as development went since 2015 well ahead into December 2016, that it would not be profitable for the company, so they shifted resources to the Nintendo Switch (with brief discussions about Crashmo World being ported into the Switch but ultimately decided against it).
Credits: LiamR (For the video and research) – Emily Rogers (For 3rd title confirmation)

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