3WIREL.COM Wishes You All A Happy New Year, moving forward to 2017!

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3WIREL! has had a big year with tons of new additions in terms of content, structure and staff. We would like to wish you a Happy New Year as well as a successful 2017.

3WIREL! has big plans as well. We had a few speed bumps during the last couple months but we will be pushing out bigger and better content. As well as expanding our horizons as a gaming website. We will also put increased focus on music and television as well to broaden our base. We thank each and every reader who has contributed to 3WIREL’s success and revival in 2016, and we hope you will stay and watch us grow.

“I think 3WIREL.com has had a great year, outside some speed bumps, it’s been fun, and I think I speak for everyone writing for 3WIREL.com when I say “thank you” I give 3WIREL! a score of 5/5 as the newest member I would like to thank Motwera the owner for having me and you the readers for enjoying my and all of our content.” -Verzu Chase

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