New Outfits Confirmed for Riku, Mickey and Kairi in Kingdom Hearts 3

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Nomura confirmed to Dengeki this is Riku's new outfit. Mickey will have a new one in KH3 too. — Miraculous Maku (@RedMakuzawa) December 31, 2016 In a report released on Dengeki Online, Nomura confirmed that three characters will be getting new outfits in KH3. King Mickey and Riku were confirmed to be getting new outfits while Kairi was shown in new art work to be wearing a different outfit compared to Kingdom Hearts 2.

GameXplain: Zelda Breath of the Wild Analysis – Campfire, Christmas and More!

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GameXplain does detailed analysis videos for many games. But the Zelda Breath of the Wild updates are the channel’s biggest analysis videos, as one Breath of the Wild video was almost two hours in length! This one isn’t nearly as long compared to that. This covers the latest information surrounding the game, so give this a watch if you want to learn more about Zelda Breath of the Wild.

RK128’s Top Gaming Soundtracks of 2016 (Opinion Piece)

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This year was a wonderful year for gaming music, as the number of quality soundtracks was quite large. From games focusing on orchestra themes too games that have a very retro-like sound, gaming music was quite varied. Today I want to honor the great soundtracks of 2016 and I will share what I personally feel to be the best soundtracks of the year. Before we start, want to establish to things first. This reflects MY thoughts and not 3WIREL as …

[RUMOR] Ubisoft Releasing Upcoming Assassins Creed Title on Switch Same Day as PS4/X1 Versions

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I've heard as much on AC release parity, Ubi want day one release. Good luck on your 12 days. Fingers crossed for you. — Laura Kate Dale (@LaurakBuzz) December 28, 2016 The upcoming Assassins Creed game will be releasing in 2017 after a lengthy development cycle. But many are wondering if the game will hit Nintendo’s upcoming Switch platform. According to Laura Kate Dale, it might. She released the above tweet saying that she heard ‘Ubisoft wants day-one release’, which …

Shovel Knight has Surpassed over 1.5 Million Sales Across All Platforms

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The indie hit Shovel Knight has been a powerful success for Yacht Club Games, fostering over 1.5 Million sales according to US Gamer. From that standpoint, Yacht Club has done an impressive job of living off Shovel Knight, which is now available on most major platforms and has managed to sell a million and a half units. They’ve beat the odds and built a substantial fanbase with a single-player release in a very crowded marketplace, and they’re still going strong. …

[RUMOR] Grant Kirkhope Composing Music for Rumored “Mario X Rabbids RPG”

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Well, talk about a surprise. We heard about the Mario X Rabbids RPG in the past but this is brand new information on the title. I have two sources on Grant Kirkhope composing music for Switch Mario Rabbids RPG. — Laura Kate Dale (@LaurakBuzz) December 31, 2016 Yes, the Grant Kirkhope, composer famous for his work at Rareware, is making music for a Super Mario title! Granted it is not a mainline Mario game but this is huge news if the rumors …

Dragon Quest XI Development Progress – Video From DQ Team

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Dragon Quest XI is releasing next year across the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 3DS but many are wondering how the game is coming along. The developers are ready to answer that question by releasing the above video online. This covers the two announced versions (PS4 and 3DS) and shows off a lot of the game in action. If you love the Dragon Quest series, you will likely enjoy watching this above video! It shows off the games fantastic cartoon-visual …

Nintendo is Discounting Various Games in Europe for the New Year

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Nintendo is having a big sale for the EU Nintendo E-Shop and it looks to be quite impressive. Discovered by Gamnesia, the sale covers games across the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Including games like BoxBoxBoy! and Mario Kart 8, the list has a lot of Nintendo’s best games at strong prices. Here’s the full list: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (3DS) – £24.49 / €27.99 BoxBoxBoy! (3DS) – £3.14 / €3.49 Lego City Undercover (Wii U) – £15.99 / …

Retro Review: Metroid Prime (Release: 2002 / Platforms: Nintendo GameCube & Wii)

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When people talk about gaming classics from Nintendo, many talk about titles like Super Smash Brothers Melee or Super Mario 64. But one game many also come back to with such praise is Metroid Prime. This title faced very difficult development, with Retro Studios facing many hardships getting the title finished. Scrapping other projects in development within the studio, reworking core gameplay concepts and Shigeru Miyamoto helping with development; this was a project Nintendo had a lot of faith in for success despite it’s …

Stephen Radosh (Mario & Zelda CDI Games) Almost Made Donkey Kong Game with SEGA

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If you remember your Nintendo history, one part of the company’s legacy is one that everyone would like to sweep under the rug; the Nintendo CDI Games. They are infamous, for all the wrong (or right, depending on your sense of humor) things. And who would have thought Donkey Kong would have joined in on the fun? Stephen Radosh was going to be working with SEGA on a Parking Attendant game using the Donkey Kong franchise. – Radosh left Atari …