PSN and XBL Facing Issues – Online Servers Down for New Years

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Well, this story might be familiar to those in the loop with gaming. In 2015, major services and sites got shut down by a group called The Lizard Squad and they used DDOS (Danial-Of-Service) attacks to overload requests to servers. This resulted in nothing working. They got shut down but reportedly, they are back. Gamers are having issues accessing PSN and XBL for multiplayer gaming (despite the online store fronts working as of this writing).
With the Squad stating they are shutting down the PSN/XBL servers, the issues people are reporting makes sense.

And these attacks are being reported across North America, Europe, and Australasia. Everywhere, people are relaying their disappointment for being locked out of multiplayer. Alas, that’s how many of us are going to spend the beginning of this year. But these attacks to PSN and Xbox Live are certainly nothing new. Call of Duty players, especially, are experiencing server outages. Yet as of the time of this article’s publication, players are starting to see functionality return.

Reported by COG News, these attacks are being reported across various regions and likely might be getting worse as we get closer to the night. Things are getting better, as COG reports the services coming back online (likely resulting in things like the PSN Storefront working as of this writing). We will cover more on this story as it develops but if you are currently interested in downloading game or want to play an online match, consider doing that now rather than later.

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