The Game Boy Micro Teardown – Video By ‘This Does Not Compute’

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Nintendo released many iterations of the Game Boy, starting from the original all the way to the GBA SP back in 2004. It is one of Nintendo’s most famous handhelds and it continues to be fondly remembered today. But when Nintendo released the GBA Micro, many asked one question; how the heck does the GBA technology fit in such a small format?
Well This Does Not Compute released a video in December that answers such a question. Building the hardware around a commonly used Samsung screen, the GBA Micro has parts old and new holding the device together. It is interesting seeing this little handheld explained, as many only remember it for having face-plates and being really small.
Today it can now be remembered for being an impressive little piece of technology that Nintendo put together to get more life out of the Game Boy brand before switching gears over to the Dual-Screen Nintendo DS.

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