IGN News – Nintendo Switch Accessories Announced by Snakebyte

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Nintendo’s Switch console is getting a major reveal January 12th but reports about the system’s accessories are already releasing. IGN reports that the Switch is getting accessories from Snakebyte that will help with the system’s portable nature.
First up is a case and considering the system is more or less a tablet in size, the case they are making would make for a great one for people with backpacks. I could imagine someone taking the Switch to college using the case for example. Other accessories include plastic cases for Switch cards, headphones, analog stick protectors and cleaning kits.
These are great to have and I would imagine buyers of the system would look into accessories like these when the system launches in March. I know having a cleaning cloth is really useful, as I use one for my PS Vita and 3DS to ensure those screens get cleaned after long game sessions. We will report more on the Switch as we get closer to the January 12th event, so stay tuned to 3WIREL for more Nintendo updates!

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