Freedom Planet 2 Preview Gameplay – Carol Footage

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Freedom Planet 2 got first official gameplay released not long ago but the game will have a few playable characters outside of Lilac like in the original game. This includes her friend ‘Carol the Wildcat’ and she has similar abilities from the first game. She can ride on a motocycle to get faster movement speed, wall jump like Mega Man X to reach better heights and can even roll like a specific blue hedgehog. She has a new ability though.

Carol’s back, and she’s got some new tricks up her feline sleeves! Her Jump Disc lets her slice up enemies from a distance, and she can home in on its location for extra damage. She can also throw the disc upwards to reach new heights. Combined with her wall jumping, she has the most vertical mobility of any character in the game. She’s also been training in Bike Fu and has a number of new, hard-hitting attacks while riding her motorcycle. She can even throw it just like her disc!

She has a special ‘Jump Disk’ which she can toss at enemies in her way to do a lock-on like rolling dash for major damage or use it as a tool to help explore levels. It is a nice evolution from her gameplay from the original Freedom Planet and will make her a joy to play as. A Trial version of Freedom Planet 2 is releasing later this month for free on PC and will contain all of the games playable characters.

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