Forging the Dragon – Yakuza History Retrospective

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One of SEGA’s most underrated franchises in western markets is the ‘Yakuza’ series. Blending brawlers and open world titles together, it is a series many Japan games buy in droves and having a fan base in western markets. With SEGA working with Sony on getting more of the series localized in the west, the series is continuing to get western releases, more so with the release of Yakuza 0 coming out this month in NA and EU.
Fans have come together to release a special YouTube series of videos, informing gamers about the franchise. Called ‘Forging the Dragon’, this ongoing series covers the origins of the Yakuza series and it’s impact worldwide. 

Welcome to our brand new series “Forging The Dragon” an in depth behind the scenes story of how Yakuza (Ryu Ga Gotoku) was made. From inception to its japanese release we’re covering the story of Toshihiro Nagoshi bringing his idea to life.

These are well produced, edited and informative videos covering a game series that should get more attention. Consider watching this if you have even the passing interest in the Yakuza franchise.

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