Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) PC Fan-Produced Port Get’s Demo Release

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Sonic is a franchise famous for quality productions from the fan community. From a wealth of fun mods to play through in Generations, people producing amazing fan game productions and even working on remaking a game from scratch, they are a sector of the Sonic community that gets impressive work done. This is proven by SEGA even signing on people who worked on hacks in the Sonic Community after they pitched the Retro Engine to them and they are currently working on the highly anticipated Sonic Mania. 
But what would you say to fans working hard on porting Sonic 06, one of the series most infamous games, onto the PC through Unity?

Here we go! Let the joyous news be spread. We have finally finished the long-awaited demo release.

Developed by Gistix, he has been working on this project for a while and his efforts resulted in a portion of the stage Kingdom Valley getting finished for a PC version. This looks a bit more responsive and lively than the finished game, with Sonic running on the wall having more control and having varied animations when homing attacking robots. It also looks a bit faster, with Sonic moving quickly when grinding on rails.
If you want 3WIREL’s thoughts on 06, consider listening to a special podcast we did to celebrate the anniversary of the games release last year! 

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