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Unreleased games are always interesting to learn about, as they show creative concepts/ideas that sadly never leave the cutting room floor. But this recently unearthed project from N-Space shows off a very polished and promising title. Discovered by PtoPOnline, gameplay footage of Mega Blox Halo released and it was to blend the action gameplay from the iconic Halo series with platforming and building elements.

Mega Bloks Halo was cancelled in 2013 after a surprisingly great start. It was being developed by N-Space for the Xbox 360.

Gameplay makes it appear to be a polished take on the 3D action/platformer but with a heaver focus on driving/combat. 2D Platforming is mixed into the 3D action/platforming and combined with building elements, it looked more in-depth compared to other LEGO games released at the time.
It was sadly scrapped in 2013 for most likely, releasing on the 360 when the Xbox One needed more software for launch. I feel this would have been a great family-friendly take on Halo, as the presentation is iconic Halo. Sound effects and voice samples are pulled from the mainline games (in addition to vehicles and weapons) but wrapped within a more child-friendly art direction.

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