Russian Modder Upgraded NES Mini: Increased Game-Storage Limit & Added New Titles

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The NES Mini is a system that many wanted to pick up over the holidays. Having over 30 games in one spot, many wanted to pick one up to relive Nintendo memories. But what about if you wanted more games for your NES Mini? Well this is where the modders come in.
Recently, a Russian Modder was able to added over 30 games to the NES Mini, increasing it’s size limited to carry 60 games.

Late last year, Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition—a plug and play miniature replica of the original NES, complete with 30 pre-loaded games. This retro-styled console is not designed to be upgradable, but one buyer claims to have done just that. Reddit user KePocuH has uploaded video footage that appears to show an NES Classic Edition console loaded up with 60 games instead of the standard 30.

You can learn more about this cool discovery by clicking the following link. 


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