Sonic Unleashed Mobile (Gameloft) Version Has Footage Released – @CyclonX_

Sonic Unleashed is a major game in the Sonic series and released on many consoles, including the mobile phone. Having a version developed by Gameloft, it was a 2D Sonic Rush-styled game but having some brawling action as well. Twitter user @CyclonX_ captured some footage of the game in action on mobile devices.

I remember seeing this game in action before and finding how it uses the Werehog to be impressive. Looked to be a fun 2D beat’em up. Nothing special but still nice to see the style carried over instead of outright removed in the mobile release. Sonic is very close to how he played in the Rush games but introducing the stomp and wall jump in a 2D title. Looks like fun and could be a treat for fans of the Rush games.

So hope you all enjoyed this little look-back at an obscure piece of Sonic history.

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