Digital Foundry – Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch

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Digital Foundry was able to get direct-feed footage of Breath of the Wild and stated a few interesting facts about the games preformance. One being that it runs a lot better on Switch compared to Wii U demos from E3 2016. Mostly stable 30FPS across the entire time they played the game, which is important, ensuring gameplay is fun and responsive.
Visuals look great too, with the resolution of 720p on Portable mode and 900p in Docked mode. While they stated the game looks a bit dated on in Docked mode, it’s important to realize that the game could get more visual improvements and that they showed the game off on TV’s not set up right (according to Digital Foundry). But for a portable console, Breath of the Wild is a big achievement visually.
Other noteworthy things to mention is that anti-aliasing and texture filtering could be better but for what is a Wii U port, the game is visually strong. Overall through strong art direction and stable performance in both modes, Breath of the Wild will be a great game on the Switch platform.

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