Petition Releases to Bring Miiverse onto Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo is doing a lot with online on the Switch, with one major element being paid online support. However Miiverse is not coming to the system, which has a lot of fans confused and annoyed. Even Jim Sterling commented on the features exclusion on the Switch in his video on Nintendo recently. People have come together and released a petition to convince Nintendo to restore the feature on Nintendo Switch.

Miiverse has been the most amazing social revelation on a modern console system. The community of artists and gamers gathered there have helped create a unique and special place. Now with The Nintendo Switch promising a new subscription based mobile service it seems the future of Miiverse may be threatened. We want Nintendo to keep Miiverse because we love the platform and the art and gaming environment it offers.

This petition currently has it’s goal half-way meet as of this writing and I agree that the feature should be part of the Nintendo Switch. More so considering they want to charge for online support later this year on the platform; adding it to your paid service could be one reason people will want to pay for it.
You can sign the petition yourself by visiting the following link or follow it’s progress if you care/have interest in Miiverse. 

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