‘Breath of the Wild’ Last Nintendo-Published Wii U Game To Be Released

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Nintendo is making games on the Switch and while they are still supporting the 3DS with new games despite the Switch’s announcement, the Wii U will not be supported by Nintendo. At least, on the first party game front after Breath of the Wild.
They came out recently and confirmed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be the last first party release from the company on the platform. This is sad news for Wii U owners, as the system will get Nintendo-produced titles. Due to the Switch needing every title it can get to become successful, this is understandable and at the very least, the Wii U will close out with fists swinging. Breath of the Wild is not only the new wind to help the Switch’s sails, but the final adventure of the Wii U.

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