Freedom Planet – Neera Li Gameplay

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Freedom Planet 2 is going to have four playable characters present, with Neera Li the Frost Knight joining Lilac and her friends on a new adventure. Original a DLC character for the Steam release of Freedom Planet, she is present with the other playable characters for Freedom Planet 2. Focusing on combat rather then speed, she is very useful for boss fights and levels with lots of enemy encounters.

Neera Li was a stubborn boss in the original Freedom Planet, but she now joins the playable cast for the sequel as the fourth and final character!
Neera prefers raw power over speed with her devastating Frost Arts. She can use one of four unique attacks depending on the held direction. With the Special button, she can shoot an ice lasso to freeze any minor enemy in place and either smash them for an instant KO or use them as platforms to reach high ledges. She has other special attacks she can use by holding different directions, too!

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