GameStop Selling Pre-Owned PS Vita’s with 8GB Memory Cards for 119.99$ – Deal Ends 1/28

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The PS Vita platform is a portable that is getting harder to find and can be pricey if you want to get a good deal on the console. But GameStop is having a special sale on the Vita if you order it online. You can buy a Vita for 119.99$ and it includes a 8GB memory card.
This is a solid deal, as you are getting some storage out of the box and have access to a system with hundreds of games to play. It only lasts until 1/27/2017, so if you want a Vita, consider picking one up through this deal soon! These are pre-owned systems but GameStop does good work insuring pre-owned consoles work well.

Visit the link to get to GameStops site! 

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