Eidos Montreal Developing Tomb Raider & Marvel Games; Deus Ex Franchise on Hold

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Fans of the franchise Deus Ex have been enjoying the latest release of Mankind Divided since last fall across PS4, Xbox One and PC. The story of that game doesn’t have a clear ending and many were hoping a new Deus Ex would release to close unfinished story threads (more so considering another game in the series was being developed while Mankind Divided was being worked on). Sadly, that won’t be the case due to recent events. Eidos Montreal is now working …

Yooka-Laylee Update – Game Went Gold, Switch Version Planed, Ex-Rare Dev Joins Team

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Yooka-Laylee is getting released in April 2017! The game was announced recently that it went gold and that development now would be ensuring the game is play tested & in good shape before getting released. We couldn’t have reached this moment without the incredible support of our backers, fans, family and friends across the games industry. Thanks again for your unwavering enthusiasm for our studio. We hope you enjoy Yooka-Laylee when it releases on April 11! This is good news …

Motion Sickness in VR – Super BunnyHop

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VR is gaming platform known for offering new experiences and creativity. But it’s also linked to motion sickness due to the very new nature of the platform in recent years. SuperBunnyHop takes some time to dive into how motion sickness happens in VR games and why he personally doesn’t feel it when playing in VR. I feel this video is very interesting, as VR is a platform that is still going through growing pains; motion sickness is one of the major hurdles …

Retro Review: Yoshi’s Island (SNES & Game Boy Advance)

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Nintendo are famous for making quality platformers, but not all of them stared Mario and his brother Luigi. After the release of Super Mario World, Nintendo push Yoshi in more titles due to him being a popular character. This sparked the idea of making a 2D platformer using Yoshi as the main character. Mario would be present too, but as a baby. The origins of Mario and Yoshi going on a grand adventure happening at the same time! A novel …

Nintendo Hosts “Mario Level-Design Workshop” at the Los Angeles Public Library

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Nintendo are known for making software that sparks children’s imaginations and creativity, and Super Mario Maker is just one example of this. Through giving a large collection of tools to play around with, gamers of all ages can create creative worlds to jump around within. Nintendo is holding a special event that sparks children’s imaginations using the 3DS version of Super Mario Maker. With the Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS game, which recently launched exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family of …

KH HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix: SE E-Shop ’15th Anniversary Box’ Announced for Japan

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Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 HD are slashing it’s way to the PS4 in March but in Japan, the collections are getting a special released called “15th Anniversary Box”. This mirrors the base release of the game outside of some extra packaging. Here is the interior of the box, which features character artwork and two pockets in which to place Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 Remix and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue: And here is the outer …

How South Park: The Stick of Truth Was Saved from THQ’s Demise

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Basically a playable season of the South Park show, Stick of Truth was another incredible achievement for Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s long-running series. South Park: The Stick of Truth is one of the most strange releases in recent memory. Taking the Paper Mario-style combat and blending it with the trademark South Park charm & humor, we got one of the better role playing games from last generation. If you want to learn why the title was saved from the …

Mass Effect Andromeda PC Fame Rate & Multiplayer Information – GameSpot News Update

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Mass Effect Andromeda is releasing on the PC in the near future but some are wondering if the game will be getting a good PC version. EA has the answer to that question by detailing the frame rates it will run at on PC and how multiplayer will work for the title.

The Definitive Way to Play Sonic Adventure on PC – BlazeHedgehog

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Sonic Adventure released on many platforms over the years. Dreamcast, GameCube, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. But many fans consider the Dreamcast version the best release of this classic. So what can be done to morph the PC version (based on the lesser ‘DX Version’) into something closer to the Dreamcast original? BlazeHedgehog has the answer to that through a heavily breakdown on mods you can download to enhance your Sonic Adventure experience on PC! There’s a new way to experience Sonic …

Did You Know Gaming? – Simpsons Games

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Just like how the Simpsons has such a long history in the realm of television, the franchise continues to get releases in the realm of video games. In this episode, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets, Easter eggs and history of Simpsons Games. The Simpsons is an animated sitcom created by Matt Groening for Fox. The series focuses on the Simpson family, consisting of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie, who live in the fictional …