Nintendo Switch Direct (2.28.2017) – Indie Game Showcase

Nintendo is having a lot of indie releases coming to it’s upcoming Switch platform in the coming months and they recently released a press release detailing some key indie support coming to the console. This follows a major Nintendo Direct detailing key releases like Runner 3 and Yooka-Laylee getting Switch releases.

More than 60 quality indie games are confirmed for Nintendo Switch this year alone, and many games take advantage of unique Nintendo Switch features, including multiple play modes (TV mode, handheld mode, tabletop mode), flexible control options, local and online multiplayer* and innovative JoyCon functionality like HD rumble. In a Nindies Showcase video, Nintendo highlighted some of these games that are in development.

“Our Nindies Showcase gives fans a taste of some of the great content on its way to Nintendo eShop,” said Steve Singer, Nintendo of America’s Vice President of Publisher and Developer Relations. “We’re working with both mainstream and independent developers to make Nintendo Switch the destination for entertaining games and experiences.”

Source: Nintendo Press Release

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SteamWorld Dig 2 Announced – Nintendo Switch Trailer

The digging adventures of steambots continues with Image & Form’s upcoming release just announced today. Continuing the story from SteamWorld Dig, we have a central character from that title exploring the various mines and underground to find a lost friend. With larger locations to dig through, what seems to be more platforming challenges, and impressive animation; this looks to be a great looking successor.

I personally greatly enjoyed Image & Form’s past work which includes the original SteamWorld Dig and SteamWorld Heist, so I’m excited to see this finally get announced. We will report on this more as further information releases.

Yooka-Laylee – Nintendo Switch Version Announced!

Nintendo recently had a special Indie-focused direct that details some of the many indie titles coming out on the Nintendo Switch. One of the biggest games confirmed for the console is Playtonic Games Yooka-Laylee. Honoring the 3D platformer from the N64 days, it is a love letter to fans of the classic Banjo-Kazooie.

Many were wondering how the game runs on Switch, considering how it’s Wii U port was scrapped due to issues with that version’s development. Thankfully it seems that the game runs great on the Switch, as the above trailer shows off the game running on the Switch.

Being able to take this massive 3D platformer on the go is a wonderful move and Nintendo promised Switch owners wouldn’t have to wait long to play it. This makes me think that it might launch day-and-date with the PS4/Xbox One/PC versions but no confirmation on that yet.

Xbox Wire: Introducing Xbox Game Pass | $9.99/month – All Xbox One & BC 360 Titles

After the success of EA’s own EA Access subscription that was exclusive to Xbox One for a while until the launch of Origin Access, with the rise of service-based gaming subscriptions, it was not totally surprising that Microsoft would take the plunge and introduce on what they call “Xbox Game Pass”, a monthly all-access subscription that gives access to all Xbox One games that are downloadable alongside Backwards-compatible Xbox 360 titles with exclusive discount offers and other goodies available to those who subscribe and get their fix of games directly there. Partners and publishers include companies such as:

2K, 505 Games, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, Capcom, Codemasters, Deep Silver, Focus Home Interactive, SEGA, SNK CORPORATION, THQ Nordic GmbH, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Microsoft Studios, with some of the fan-favorite titles coming to Xbox Game Pass when it launches to the broader Xbox community later this spring include Halo 5: Guardians, Payday 2, NBA 2K16 and SoulCalibur II.

One of the best things about Xbox Game Pass is that you can discover and download the full titles directly on your Xbox One. That means continuous, full-fidelity gameplay without having to worry about streaming, bandwidth or connectivity issues

This subscription service will be coming sometime in the Spring of 2017 and Xbox Live Gold members will also be receiving “exclusive access” to Xbox Game Pass prior to launch. Microsoft will provide more on that later on.

Source: Xbox Wire

(RUMOR) – PlayStation Plus Games for March 2017 Leaked; Tearaway Unfolded & Disc Jam

PlayStation Plus is getting updated in the coming month but if rumors are true, we are in for a major month for the service. Flyers leaked out for PlayStation Plus and they indicate two major releases coming to the platform. One being the indie game Disc Jam that has a big following on Steam but the other is a first party Sony title; Tearaway Unfolded.

Iota/Aota folded their way into gamers hearts on the PS Vita back in 2013 and not long after it got a cut onto the PlayStation 4 in an expanded re-release. We reviewed the original Vita version and gave it high praise. 

Source: NeoGaf

Rediscovering Mystery – Noclip Documentary Trailer

Remember those schoolyard rumors about a secret Mario level? Or that time your cousin told you they knew how to unlock Goro in MK1? Remember what it was like to play a game you didn’t know everything about before it was released? In this multi-game documentary we talk to Jonathan Blow, Derek Yu and Jim Crawford about the challenge of retaining mystery & player discovery in the age of the internet.

Plus we announce full Noclip documentaries for The Witness, Frog Fraction & Spelunky too. Buckle up friends, March is going to be busy!

The Jimquisition – When Jim Sterling Was Sued for $10 Million by Digital Homicide

The long battle between Jim Sterling and Digital Homicide concluded and Jim is finally able to talk about the case he was going through. He teased last week this episode would be going live but now, Jim gives us one of the longest Jimquisition Episodes in the entire series clocking at over 38 Minutes. It’s a great video that details the long saga of Jim’s encounters with Digital Homicide. Learning more about the case, Jim’s more muted tone compared to most of his work indicates the case took it’s toll on Sterling. I’m happy the legal battle is finally over and he can move on from this experience.

For those wondering why he was willing to not pursue addition battles with DH for legal fees, he gave the following comment.

The cost in doing so would be throwing good money after bad. I could no more get my legal fees back from Romine than Romine could get $15million from me.  The energy and time spent doing so would be better spent continuing to produce and improve my content. Unlike Digital Homicide, I try not to waste work hours pursuing grudges.

This “settlement” was as much pragmatism as lenience. I’m not that good a person. A continuation of vindictiveness would lead to pyrrhic results at best. I meant what I said when I stated I couldn’t hurt James more than he’s hurt himself, and I do not care enough to want to try. There have been times over this past year where I was angry enough to want to, where I desired to let this play out just to officially destroy the arguments, send a message, and demand non-monetary compensation (I’m serious in my offer for the Digital Homicide brand name, but I’m not paying over three figures for it). Now it’s over, however, I just don’t feel it. This whole thing ended rather sadly, and the desire for merciless revenge just isn’t there.

Honestly – and I am not saying this to be insulting – I think the Romines got in over their head and got frightened. I would have been as well. But then I’m looking at two guys who I think are scared, and there’s nothing to be gained from kicking people who are worried like that. This is also why I’m stopping my coverage of the lawsuit at this video, instead of the more extravagant and extended verbal kicking I’d dreamed about while at my angriest. I have folders of content collected over the past year that I hope I won’t ever need to touch. I’ve said before that I want the Romines to become good videogame developers. I would still like to see that. I enjoy a good redemption story, and I’d be the first to praise anything they made that was genuinely good.

All this said, however, I certainly do not forgive James Romine for this lawsuit and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget it. It’d take more than an apology for me to truly be “classy” and accept a real peace. My “classiness” extends to resetting the clock on my opinion of their work, should their work ever be notable enough to cross my desk again.

Animated Reviews: Danny Phantom Season Two & Three

After a successful first season, Danny Phantom got two more to round out it’s run on Nick. By establishing the core foundation with the first season, we get to go on more adventures with Danny. Exploring more emotional themes, deeper emotional connections starting to form, and inventive encounters with brand new ghosts; these final two seasons do a lot to mix things up.

Lets join Danny on more adventures by reviewing the second and third seasons of Danny Phantom!

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SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter Galaxy Patrol (Arcade – 1993) Showcase – SonicWindBlue

The Blue Blur is famous for his Genesis adventures but you might be unaware of his spins across arcades. These includes special games built various machines. One such machine includes a little space ship and it released only in Japan.

SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter (or SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter Galaxy Patrol) is a 1993 kiddy ride up that features Sonic the Hedgehog as he fights enemies in space which appear on the monitor inside the ride. The goal is to try to rescue Sonic’s friends (Flicky and the gang) from Doctor Eggman. The game is shown from a top-down perspective.

Credit for showing off this gameplay footage goes out to SonicWindBlue

Highlander: The Methuselah Stone (2005) – PtoPOnline

PtoPOnline released a video showing off a pitch based (PS2 Build) based off the Highlander franchise. Climax Studios made this pitch and had plans for release on the PS3/Xbox 360 and PC as well. Highly recommend you give this video a watch if you want to learn about a lost part of gaming history.