Playtonic Artist Makes Yooka & Laylee Figure – Possible Amiibo? (Speculation)

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Indie games getting amiibos aren’t shocking, considering Yacht Club Games partnered with Nintendo in getting a Shovel Knight Amiibo created. But what about other ones? Well maybe Yooka & Laylee are getting amiibos in the future. Playtonic released the above tweet stating ‘Our artist Damien Sparkes is a model employee….’ Outside of the charming pun and wording, make note of the figure he crated.
With the small circle-like base, it heavily invokes what most amiibo bases look like in size & shape. This could mean that Yooka-Laylee might be getting amiibo support in the future. 
This is not an official announcement, but rather a speculation post based on images/content/etc released from official Playtonic Games social media accounts. 

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